T.Flight U.S. Air Force Edition – The Multiplatform Gaming Headset (PC_DVD)

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    Gold standard. In collaboration with the United States Air Force, Thrustmaster has developed advanced headphones that are capable of complying with a rigorous protocol for official licensing. Performance is a key element for this cutting-edge organization – using 50 mm acoustic frequency converters with a stable frequency curve, Thrustmaster has achieved crystal clear sound. The result is a perfect balance between bass, mid and high tones at less than 1% distortion (eg, the sound pressure level has been set to 116 ± 3 dB SPL at 1 mW). Classic design and comfort. Because the T. Flight U. S. Headset Inspired by real pilot headphones, Air Force Edition features T. Flight U. S. headphones Air Force Edition is a massive departure from all current gaming headsets on the market. Visible headphone frame is made of metal, 1 inch ultra soft ear pads with integrated gel layer are ideal for very long gaming sessions. All this contributes to the classic look and feel of the real headphones used by today’s pilots. Fingertip control. Another Unique Feature that Copies Modern Pilot Headphones: T. Flight U. S. Headset The Air Force Edition is equipped with an external Total Volume Control located on the left ear pad to allow users to adjust the volume slightly. The microphone wired controller can adjust the microphone gain, mute, and unidirectional microphone settings. The signal-to-noise ratio is 56 dB, ensuring clear sound without interference from ambient noise. Customization. T. Flight Gaming Headset Air Force Edition is equipped with a replaceable U-shaped front panel. Air Force. Users can customize the look of their headphones to their own taste. SPECIFICATIONS. FULLY COMPATIBLE UNIVERSAL HEADPHONES (3. 5 mm / 1/8 ”jack connector). – Optimized for total compatibility with PlayStation 4, Xbox One , Nintendo Switch , PC and Mac . – Also compatible with Nintendo 3DS , PlayStation Vita, Tablets and Smartphones. VERY POWERFUL MICROPHONE. – One-way microphone, designed to capture only your voice for the most effective communication with your teammates. – Detachable and adjustable microphone that can be adapted to any size and shape of the player’s head. SOUND PERFORMANCE. – True 50mm / 2 “analytical drives deliver crystal clear sound without any overload. – With a stable frequency curve optimized for gaming sessions with perfect balance between bass, mid and high tones, it provides audio feedback exactly as the game developers intended. – 116 ± 3dBSPL output for elite distortion correction (%1%) and accuracy. – The best of our audio expertise brings gaming performance to the next level. DESIGNED FOR COMFORT AND FLEXIBILITY. – Provide exceptional convenience, inspired by true aerial headphones: 25mm / 1 “thick gel foam pads for maximum comfort during many hours of play. – Effective passive insulation. – Interchangeable washers that allow for customization. – A 3 meter cable adapts to any gaming configuration. SOUND CONTROL. – Volume control on earphone shell, allowing the player to adjust the sound intensity of the game. – Microphone volume and mute control for easy access is on-line.

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