What exactly is completely wrong with matchmaking the Mom of Daughter’s Boyfriend?

Reader matter:

what exactly is completely wrong with a soon-to-be-divorced dad dating a separated lady just who happens to be their child’s date’s mom?

-Donnie C. (Pennsylvania)

Professional’s Response:

Hello Donnie,

I am presuming you’re “soon-to-be-divorced father”? Let’s say you may be. There are a few big red flags when it cofind me a sugar mamas to dating your child’s sweetheart’s mother. Let us start off with the fact that you aren’t also separated however. I think that since there are kiddies included, you really need to hold back until the divorce or separation is final prior to getting into a significant commitment. Its OK as of yet here and there, but keep it at that until everyone in the circumstance provides recovered or perhaps is about being congenial.

2nd, discover billions of women in worldwide. Exactly why do you need to date your child’s boyfriend’s mommy? I am talking about truthfully, matchmaking the meal ladies at the woman school or her gynecologist would result in significantly less embarrassment. Breakup may be an extremely challenging situation for all included. Always place your youngsters first, and don’t allow any more difficult in it than it should be.

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